Fingas Bakery Square, stick with natural yeast, yeast dough handmade protect every customer eating healthy bread, European breads mouth into a bite, do not make stomach acid to digest, competing to attract many users to store buying, Dereke stick no chemical ingredients of yeast, production can not do please forgive me, providing online orders with immediate effect open, do please use the mail-order service, thank you!

Fingas Bakery Square is a professional handmade European style bread, light food dessert bakery, currently attached to the style of meal service, Chef own R & D bread consumption by Taichung popular, no milk, no eggs recipe for bread adds not the same life.
European and Chinese less greasy bread butter, seventy percent are whole wheat, different breads using different yeast fermentation, the dough chewy inside bread to eat up no general fluffy bread, with tight sense of tight-knit for favorite handmade bread you early adopters.
FINGA'S cooking materials in Taiwan, many of which are no ingredients, often bringing in foreign high price of a single product, is to allow customers to enjoy the most authentic chef for cooking insistence, let FINGA'S become shrewd business district of Taichung a feature, food is very special cause, the price is very plain, delicate and widespread food is the boss of the concept, so come over FINGA'S friends have become a permanent and old customers, happy to enjoy healthy cuisine.


  Executive Chef
    Dereke Bruce
 Finga's Fine Food
 No.173, Sec. 1, Xiangshang
 S. Rd., Nantun Dist.,
 Taichung City 408, Taiwan
  Assistant Chef
 Zhujiang Party Pier,
 Yuejiang Xi Lu, Haizu District.
 TEL:+86 13725322651