Fingas team offers international professional Catering service Finga's Fine Food opened in the 21st year, with US and British-style justice law Catering experience, providing outside marriage, meeting all kinds of different nature Catering Banquet service, style braised features is the challenge customization, without limiting the style, so you tasted delicious Europe and the United States.

Continental buffet, cocktails, tea, Teacher Appreciation Banquet, community gatherings, opening reception, year-end banquet, birthday, parties, weddings, all kinds of national cuisine. We accept custom orders, but also provides Rick stream barbecue BBQ meals
Dereke led culinary team, allowing you to experience the classic European and American foreign braised dishes, let your foreign guests enjoy righteousness, France, Britain, the home of American States meals taste.
Single-use online reservation completed basic contact information, number of meals and banquet locations, or call (04) 2472-0965, we will have professional staff and your contact, listen to your needs, to provide professional menu for you to create colorful cuisine.

  Executive Chef
    Dereke Bruce
 Finga's Fine Food
 No.173, Sec. 1, Xiangshang
 S. Rd., Nantun Dist.,
 Taichung City 408, Taiwan
  Assistant Chef
 Zhujiang Party Pier,
 Yuejiang Xi Lu, Haizu District.
 TEL:+86 13725322651