Welcome Finga's Fine Food , cooking is our world, from the Republic of eighty years now, from Taichung alleys simple small shops catering business and now are by the executive chef Dereke Bruce and his family to a copies of family cohesion under the joint operating robust style of cooking team intentions conditioning every day dishes, whether it is Western, pastries, breads are carefully selected, hand-modulation, delicious and healthy exotic cuisine restaurant

With over twenty years of experience Dereke, traveled to many countries as a restaurant chef, halfway across the Pacific Ocean, has also been the chef for the Queen, and finally take root in Taiwan, has always loved food, he will share his experience in one every person who loves food, is currently teaching at the University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, catering, Dereke break with tradition and innovation Western thinking, every style of guests came to feel his enthusiasm for cooking, intentions came to style every meal or class guests, each back-style dining experience warm, slow down the pace, carefully taste chew food.

Dereke for his operation or management of any of the catering business, have insisted on six concepts:
1. The selection of freshly made with fresh ingredients
2. To provide safe and clean working environment
3. Make a good quality product
4. To provide diverse and unique transformation menu
5. reasonable consumer prices
6. Provide professional and good service quality


  Executive Chef
    Dereke Bruce
 Finga's Fine Food
 No.173, Sec. 1, Xiangshang
 S. Rd., Nantun Dist.,
 Taichung City 408, Taiwan
  Assistant Chef
 Zhujiang Party Pier,
 Yuejiang Xi Lu, Haizu District.
 TEL:+86 13725322651